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Mmm … good!

Mmm ... good!

Our Daily Challenge … comfort (food and eating)

This is a delicious but super easy recipe. I used to mass produce these muffins with my Food Tech students for functions such as Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea. These days I whip up a batch with the grandsons if I end up with some over-ripe bananas.…

Comfort eating, also known as emotional eating or emotional hunger, is eating to make oneself feel happier, rather than to satisfy hunger.
It generally causes one to crave specific types of "comfort" foods. When you’re physically hungry, almost anything sounds good … including healthy stuff like vegetables. But emotional hunger craves fatty foods or sugary snacks, like these muffins, that provide an instant rush. Unfortunately, the "feel better" effect is short lived leading one to repeat the same thing again and again. If it continues for an extended time it can lead to obesity and other diet-related health issues.

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Mock Chicken with Basil Raisin Sauce

Mock Chicken with Basil Raisin Sauce

Mock "chicken" is a soy by product commonly used in East Asian vegetarian cuisine.
Here it is pan fried in a pesto inspired sauce of fresh basil, roasted garlic and sweet raisin.

Recipe @…

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Strawberry Watermelon Mint Sorbet

Strawberry Watermelon Mint Sorbet

Recipe available on Gluten free, allergen free, vegan, and paleo.

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Adding shredded zucchini

Adding shredded zucchini

Mixing in a shredded zucchini.

Thanks to Stephanie Weber of for this wonderful recipe:

"As the end of August draws near, I find myself shocked that zucchini season is almost over! But I’m not done yet! I give you — Zucchini Risotto. It uses up a ton of zucchini in a very sneaky way."

Photos by Yours For Good
May be reprinted only with permission, as per Creative Commons.

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Cocktail Clockwork Orange

Cocktail Clockwork Orange

EOS 5D MkII a F18.0, 4" ISO50.
EF 50mm f1.4 @ 50mm

Fotografía realizada en Versak Estudio para el portfolio de la empresa. La imagen es © Versak Estudio. Para cualquier uso de la misma deben ponerse en contacto previamente con el estudio aquí.

La receta completa del cocktail podéis verla en: Mi facebook


Photograph taken in Versak Estudio for company’s portfolio. The image is © Versak Estudio, to ask permission for use it you can contact us here.

The full recipe of the cocktail can be viewed at: My facebook

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