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Empire of Dreams Cocktail

Empire of Dreams Cocktail

This unique cocktail has white rum, pineapple juice, fresh lime juice, apricot brandy, almond syrup and its secret ingredient, whole espresso beans. These ingredients are shaken, not stirred, and strained into a glass that’s just dying to meet your lips.

This is an ideal summer drink when entertaining family and friends. It tastes even better if you drink it while watching the sunset. It erases the stresses of the day and lets you take a step back and appreciate the moment. The next time you want an adult beverage with a unique flavor profile, give this one a try.

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Sweet martini, old style

Sweet martini, old style

Tried out the new orange bitters (Angostura orange) to make a martini before dinner. Can’t wait to try the other two types of bitters for comparison.
Recipe from Drinkboy’s new book.

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Video mixed drink cocktail recipes at

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Mango Batida

Mango Batida

I really like the Brazilian spirit cachaça. Anything that is the primary ingredient in a drink as good as a caipirinha can’t be all bad. A batida is a drink made with cachaça and a fruit juice or pulp. This is my recipe for a mango batida:

1.5 oz Cachaça
0.5 oz Cointreau
4.0 oz Naked Juice Mighty Mango
2 dashes bitters

Place in a shaker, fill with ice and shake like your life depended on it.

Warning: this drink is *extremely* easy to drink.

Strobist info: Single 285HV to the left and slightly above the drink. The flash was gridspotted and aimed at the glass.

I’ve narrowed down my selections for DCist Exposed 2009, and would love your help in deciding what to post to the group. View the complete set and instructions.

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mango dream

mango dream

best one so far

my secret ingredients:
a whole mango fruit
a whole banana
two leaves of mint
juice of 1/2 lime
grapefruit juice
mango juice
passion fruit juice
some fresh ice cubes

will it blend? yes, it will!

(recipe copyright by me 🙂

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